Stainless Steel Vs Chrome Faucet | Which Is Better?

Stainless Steel Vs Chrome Faucet

Shopping for kitchen fittings for a new setup or remodeling can be quite tricky and time taking. There is an abundance of choices and decisions to be made for each little fixture. Even if it is about faucet since the best faucet brands can put you in dilemma as to which one will coincide with the theme and aesthetic of your kitchen as a whole.

The different types of faucets come in various finishes and there has always been a debate among these finishes. Chrome and stainless steel are the most talked popular finishings available in the faucet market. Stainless steel faucets vs chrome faucets it’s a challenge. They both have striking features and glossy appearance. They are durable with low maintenance. They come in a variety of unique designs. There are certain pros and cons to both of them.

You are here exactly to get a full handbook of their overall characteristics for your next purchase.

What Is A Chrome Faucet?

Chrome faucets are recognized for their appealing look and luminous shine. Chrome faucets are coated with chrome and nickel by the electroplating process. This gives a chrome finish to the faucet parts. Note that the base material can be anything. There are also- Satin Chrome and Brushed Chrome Faucets. They have a matte finish. Almost all faucet designs come in chrome finish, giving a wide variety in the market. Thus, it’s easy to maintain a uniform finish throughout your home.

The chrome coating looks eye-pleasing but affects the durability. Chrome faucets become prone to wear and tear of plating. Over time, the coating can become patchy, uneven, and chipped. Using non-abrasive cleaners can prevent scratching. Moreover, the surface catches fingerprints more evidently.

However, with proper maintenance and cleanliness, chrome faucets are anti-corrosive and durable for a considerable time. Use a soft microfibre cloth to get rid of water spots without damage, and you are good to go.


  • Attractive appearance with a high shine.
  • More variety and better designs in the market of both kitchen and bathroom faucets.
  • Durable with proper use
  • Convenient and easy to clean


  • Exposed to visible fingerprints, scratches, and water spots
  • Requires more maintenance to retain the glossy finish
  • The chrome coating and shine can fade over time
  • May be expensive due to design.

What Is Stainless Steel Faucet?

The second competitor in the race is the stainless steel finish. Stainless steel faucets comprise steel and 10.5% chromium. The final stage involves polishing and grinding. It carries a semi-gloss satin finish with less shine compared to a chrome faucet. Stainless steel faucets are highly durable and heavy-duty, which makes them an ideal choice for every home.

One steel faucet can last up to 8 to 10 years with suitable cleanliness. It is undoubtedly a notch higher than a chrome faucet in terms of- durability, scratch friendly, and price. Stainless steel faucets can endure heavy water flow and regular usage without wear and tear.

Stainless steel faucets are seasoned for hot and humid environments. They also come in various fashions with pocket-friendly options. The faucet body displays minimal water spots and fingerprints due to its composition. Simply clean the stainless steel faucets with soft dry napkins to remove any marks.


  • The most appealing advantage of stainless steel faucets is durability
  • Robust and sturdy in all temperatures
  • Less evident water spots
  • Elegant and classy look
  • Low Maintenance and Ease of Cleaning
  • Affordable with no compromise on variety


  • Less attractive and glossy
  • Scratches can highlight easily
  • May have noticeable marks after cleaning

Are Stainless Steel And Chrome The Same?

Definitely, No! Stainless steel Faucets and Chrome Faucets are not the same from many angles. Firstly, Material composition- Stainless steel faucet is an alloy of steel and chromium, whereas The Chrome in the chrome faucets doesn’t imply the entire body of the faucet. It’s the chrome and nickel coating which is applied by electroplating the faucet parts.

Secondly, Chrome Faucets have a more glamorous shine. Stainless Steel is less lustrous and more muted. Stainless Steel is more durable and feasible for use and maintenance in contrast to chrome faucets.

How To Differentiate Between Chrome And Stainless Steel?

Chrome and Stainless Steel may look slightly identical as both have a glossy finish. Thus, The difference between stainless steel and chrome faucets is often missed or ignored. Here are some easy signs to compare

  • Chrome Faucets appear more vibrant, shiny, and mirror-like. Stainless steel has a low shine and a smooth satin finish.
  • Try bringing a magnet close to the faucets. Chrome Faucets usually have a magnetic base body under the chrome plating. Stainless is non-magnetic. If the magnets attract, you can easily differentiate between the both.

Remember, These two methods are not blindly reliable and successful in every instance. Always check with the shop or website and read the product description.

Stainless Steel Vs Chrome Faucet | Which Is A Better Option?

Stainless Steel Vs Chrome Faucet | Which Is A Better Option?

READY FOR THE FINAL SHOWDOWN? Stainless Steel Faucets and Chrome Faucets both have their strengths and weaknesses. Let’s have a look at some differences between stainless steel and chrome faucet based on their features-

1. Price

Stainless Steel comes with style at very affordable rates in comparison to chrome faucets. Chrome faucets give pocket pinch due to the electroplating process of applying chrome coating. Therefore, if you wish for budget-friendly options, opt for stainless steel.

2. Properties

Stainless steel has advantageous properties. It is very durable, heat resistant, high water speed tolerant, anti-corrosive and robust strength. It preserves its quality and endurance for years with minute damage.

Chrome is very attractive and eye-catching and adds shine to your ambiance. It is resistant to corrosion. It protects most of the metals with a coating. It is easy to clean and eliminate spots.

3. Usability

Stainless steel faucets can be used for a longer time with ease of maintenance and low spot visibility. It comes in various styles to suit every kitchen décor. It has all variants for different purposes.

Chrome Faucets have more variety in both kitchen and sanitary faucets. It is compatible with every space of a home. Normal dry wipes are sufficient for cleaning chrome faucets. It may wear and tear in some years due to continuous water contact. Continuous water and hard water contact causes calcium deposit be it any type of finish but you can easily clean calcium deposit but installing a water softener will always be more helpful .

4. Rusting

Stainless Steels faucets suffer little to nil rust because of their self-protective and reactive metal properties, which guard them against rust and corrosion. The use of harsh cleaners may encourage rusting. But, overall Stainless steel faucets remain durable and rust-free for a long time.

On the other hand, Chrome Faucets are fine until the chrome-plated coat protects the metal substrate. But sadly, once the plating comes off due to scratches, it has a high chance of rust, as the metal underneath reacts with air and moisture.

5. Durability

Stainless Steel wins over chrome faucets in durability. Stainless steel faucets are highly durable and robust as a one-time investment. It requires fewer repairs and maintenance. Chrome Faucets are durable for a limited time.

6. Maintenance

Stainless Steel Faucets are easier to clean and maintain as it invites fewer fingerprints and water spots. Just a quick wipe of a dry cloth is enough for a flawless look. Chrome Faucets are also easy to clean but require regular maintenance to protect the chrome finish and preserve the original shine.

Summing Up!

Stainless Steel and Chrome Faucets are two major players in kitchen fittings in the market. They are found in most homes and have been a popular choice for many years. They have distinct features which make them stand out uniquely. Chrome Faucets have the wow quotient in appearance. They have a high shine and mirror finish chrome polish.

Stainless steel faucets grab the throne of durability. They endure all stains, heat, and water and remain sturdy for years. They are more reasonable as compared to chrome faucets which fetch a higher price for their delectable look. Your decision between chrome faucets vs stainless steel faucets depends upon your taste, kitchen theme, purpose, and functional load.

Frequently Asked Questions

If we compare stainless steel and chrome, we clearly get that stainless steel is easier to clean and also much more resistant to corrosion, stain, and rust. Simply just give it a quick wipe, and you are set.

Stainless steel faucets show low water spots as they withstand high water speed and are easy to clean. They are great at cloaking water spots.

Yes, Chrome faucets not only reveal water spots but also fingerprints, dirt, etc., which makes them a less desirable option.

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