Empava Gas Cooktops Review & Buying Guide (2023)

Empava gas cooktops have earned themselves a special reputation as the “secret weapon” behind several great meals. These next high-end US & Canada CSA certified Empava cooktops give you unmatched flexibility in cooking large and tasty meals with the least inconvenience. Gas cooktops are not rare. They have been our kitchen’s most versatile members for ages. However, modern kitchen appliances are resorting to electric options for everything including cooktops. The reason is simple: electric cooktops are easy to install. 

Yet, I would recommend you to opt for gas cooktops. Not just me but also a majority of popular chefs would do so! Wondering why? 

Well, Gas cooktops come with so many advantages:

  1. Gas cooktops allow you quick and specific temperature control.
  2. It lowers your dependency on electricity (which may have a polluting source like coals)
  3. Unlike electric induction-based cooktops, these do not require specialized induction-ready cookware 
  4. Gas is cheaper to manage over time- reducing your cost of the meal significantly
  5. Gas has super-fast cooling down in the conventional flow. 

But is Empava a good brand to boost your kitchen’s efficiency? Absolutely! These Empava gas cooktops reviewed below are designed and engineered in the USA with 2 years US-based manufacturer warranty, which is twice the usual industry warranty. Don’t arrive at a decision without exploring! Here is an unbiased Empava gas cooktop review, including a 30-inch gas cooktop review, for you to identify the features, pros, and cons of Empava gas cooktops. 

The Best Empava Gas Cooktops

1.Empava EMPV-30GC5B70C 30-Inch Gas Stove Cooktop

Empava EMPV-30GC5B70C 30-inch 5-Burner Gas Cooktop
  • 5 imported Italian SABAF burners are top-notch
  • Flame failure thermocouples shut off protection
  • Edge-to-edge cast-iron grates give a modern look
  • Dishwasher friendly
  • Convertible and works manually
  • Large for tiny kitchens
  • A little expensive for the added electric ignition system.

This incredible gas cooktop might actually be the only thing missing in your kitchen to turn cooking more fun and less of a tedious chore. This 5-burner Empava gas cooktop is capable of multi-purpose such as RVs, light cooking for the family, small kitchen, and outdoor camp-cooking.  It features 5 versatile burners of 4 different sizes. 

The burners could be classified as a Dual-Ring 12000-BTU burner, a 10000-BTU burner, a double 6500-BTU burner, and a 4000-BTU burner. With the combined 39,000 BTUs, this versatile Empava 30-inch gas cooktop distributes even heat for simmer, boil, stir-frying, steaming, melting, or even caramelizing!

The silver-colored body of the cooktop has the additional benefits of 3  laser-cut, full-width and continuous Cast Iron Grates. Stainless steel finished panel which adds an impressive look to your kitchen slabs besides making the cleaning procedure extremely easy and simple. The setup arrives with a Pre-installed 110v power cord, Natural Gas Regulator, and LPG Nozzles with the conversion kit. Accentuated by the intricate trivet pattern, this economical gas cooktop is one of its kind in both utility and design. 

2. Empava EMPV-24GC4B67A 24-Inch 4-Burner Gas Cooktop

Empava EMPV-24GC4B67A 24-Inch 4-Burner Gas Cooktop
  • Space-saving
  • 4 SABAF burner heads
  • Lightweight, portable and economical
  • Stainless steel surface
  • Cast iron grates and accentuated design 
  • Dishwasher-safe knobs and grates
  • latest flame failure thermocouples auto shut off protection
  • The burners are situated too close to each other so it’s difficult to use several pots at the same time.
  • Not very aesthetically pleasing 
  • A bit of difficulty could be experienced while switching to propane gas

Looking for a space-saving and economical gas cooktop for your small kitchen, Empava EMPV-24GC4B67A could be the best one for you. This 4-burner Empava gas cooktop weighs only 20 pounds and is the most lightweight gas cooktop on the list! Despite the size, this gas cooktop is one of the most powerful Empava appliances on the review. The four burners include a Dual-Ring 12000-BTU burner, a 10000-BTU burner, a 6500-BTU burner, and a 4000-BTU burner. 

A combined 32500 BTUs of varying sizes give you the flexibility to experiment with different cooking styles and quantities. The durable knobs and laser-cut, full-width and edge-to-edge heavy cast-iron grates. Besides being dishwasher safe, the stainless steel body allows easy removal of stains.

The smaller burners are placed at the front and back of the stove, so you can squeeze in very small pots in between if you have a very tiny kitchen to function in. It is portable and can be carried for a cooking arrangement in your backyard or at camping spots. 

3. Empava EMPV-34GC5L90A 24-Inch Black Tempered Glass Gas Cooktop

Empava EMPV-34GC5L90A 24-Inch Black Tempered Glass Gas Cooktop
  • Space-saving and smart design
  • 4 SABAF burner heads
  • Stain and heat discoloration resistant black tempered glass surface
  • Cast iron grates and accentuated design 
  • Heavier and gives more balance
  • Latest flame failure thermocouples auto shut off protection
  • Not a portable cooktop for outdoor cooking 
  • Priced on the expensive side
  • Some users face trouble with flame-adjustment

This 4-burner gas cooktop has dimensions much closer to the EMPV-24GC4B67A Empava gas cooktop reviewed above but is comparatively heavier and stylish! The black tempered glass body of this contemporary-looking gas cooktop is truly eye-catching. 

The 4 different versatile burner sizes include a Dual-Ring 12000-BTU burner, a 10000-BTU burner, a 6500-BTU burner, and a 4000-BTU burner that distribute even heat with utmost precision. The features are more advantageous given that it is efficiently LPG/NG Convertible. It delivers a maximum BTU power of 32,500 to propane and LPG cooktops without hassle. 

With the dual-ring 12,000 BTU burner to the bottom left, it is easier for you to place and remove the heavier and larger pots. The 4,000 BTU burner, perhaps the smallest, is to the bottom right which makes small cooking activities like heating a cup of water, making an omelet, or tossing the dry spices quick to access and perform. It also gives you exactly the right heat for simmering and melting all your favorite sauces.

4. Empava 36GC22 36-Inch 5-Burner Gas Cooktop

Empava 36GC22 36-Inch 5-Burner Gas Cooktop
  • Pull off heavy-duty task 
  •  5 Italy SABAF sealed burners
  • Reliable stainless steel frame
  • Maximum stability 
  • latest flame failure thermocouples auto shut off protection
  • Premium design 
  • Not ideal for small kitchens
  • Priced towards the higher end of the spectrum 

This is the second heaviest and most stable cooktop on our Empava gas cooktop review list after the 4 burners EMPV-34GC5L90A mentioned right above. This 36 inches Empava gas cooktop has larger dimensions than the other four gas cooktops. Featuring 5 Italy SABAF sealed burners in its stainless steel frame, it does not only promise precision but also the greatest versatility. Undoubtedly this is the most high-rated NG/LPG convertible Empava Gas cooktop reviewed on Amazon. 

It requires minimal cleanup since the sealed burners prevent food and oil from falling into them. Added to the sealed burners, the surface made of stainless steel is also resistant to stain and heat discoloration. Beyond versatility, it is the most reliable Empava cooktop. 

Due to its capacity to accommodate larger pots and pull off heavy-duty work, you can cook a weekend’s meal at once! It is the best gas cooktop to cook for larger families or if you have your friends or relatives visiting you for a gathering at home. The more time you save on cooking, the more you can enjoy yourself in your circles.

5. Empava 24GB28 24-Inch Gas Cooktop

Empava 24GB28 24-Inch gas cooktop
  • The 4 World Class Made in Italy SABAF burner
  • Space-saving
  • Lightweight and portable 
  • Smart design 
  •  Latest flame failure thermocouples auto shut off protection technology.
  • Stylish and impressive looking tempered glass cooktop
  • Easy to maintain 
  • Cannot accommodate larger pots
  • The compact design does not permit putting several pots together
  • Not meant for heavy-duty cooking (the 3rd one on the list is apt in that attribute)

Looking for a lightweight yet stylish Empava gas cooktop on this review list? You found it finally! It is the second most portable gas cooktop after the 4 burners Empava EMPV-24GC4B67A gas cooktop reviewed above (listed in no.2). It has been gorgeously accentuated with  Continuous Grates over the glass and metal body.

The dimensions are 23.23 in. L x 20.08 in. W x 2.4 in. H with Cutout Dimensions: 22.08 in. L x 18.54 in. which also makes it slightly smaller than the Empava EMPV-24GC4B67A. It saves a lot of space. Requiring minimal maintenance and cleaning, this model is designed to be one the most reliable gas cooktops occupying the least space on the kitchen slab. It weighs 25 pounds which makes it highly portable as well. Further, the sleek design of this model resembles that of contemporary Empava induction cooktops

The 4 burner Empava gas cooktop has a Dual-Ring 12000-BTUs burner, a 10000-BTUs burner, a 6500-BTUs burner, and a 4000-BTUs burner that permits you the maximum flexibility for precise cooking. This contemporary looking gas cooktop has heat discoloration resistant tempered glass surface. Now you can confidently flaunt your kitchen set-up before your friends or can even amaze them with this high-quality gas cooktop on your next camping or outdoor cooking plan!


The chief reason why chefs prefer gas cooktop is because the burners and oven heat up much faster compared to the electric stoves. Additionally, the gas flame works efficiently with different types of cookware. With gas cooktops, it doesn’t matter if the bottom isn’t completely flat. Gas flame allows for more precise cooking of flavored dishes. This Empava gas cooktops review features models that are much easier to maintain.

We hope that the reviews were helpful and added a better perspective to your choosing the right gas cooktop for your kitchen. 

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