Best Gas Cooktops To Buy in 2023 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Best gas cooktop review

Selecting the right cooktop for your new kitchen certainly qualifies as a dreadful dilemma. You could be confused between contemporary radiant electric cooktops, their cutting-edge induction-based counterparts or the rather traditional and heavy-duty gas cooktops. While there are respective pros and cons to each, we think we can present a solid case in favor of gas cooktops in this article.

Widely renowned for their style, precision and steadfast performance, gas cooktops have been integral in household kitchens for decades. While not all models are created equal, the best gas cooktops will have you enticed over the countless benefits associated with them. Be it skipping warm up times, requiring no special cookware, strict temperature control or lower running costs; gas cooktops have a clear advantage over electric smoothtops.

If you already comprehend the benefits and are set to buy a gas cooktop, you definitely need it to last long and have low upkeep costs. That’s where you could lend a hand from reliable gas cooktop reviews. Having researched about them in great detail for over 50 hours, picking apart the claims of top-rated gas cooktops in our testing lab and flicking through countless first-hand reviews from existing users; we believe that the list we bring you today is in itself an exhaustive collection of the best 30 and 36 inch gas cooktops on the market in 2023.

Comparison Table

1. Frigidaire FGGC3047QS Gallery Series 30 Inch Gas Cooktop
2. Empava LPG/NG Convertible 36 Inch Gas Cooktop
3. GE JGP3530DLWW 30 Inch Gas Cooktop
4. Frigidaire FFGC3626SS 36 Inch Stainless steel Gas Cooktop
5. GE JGP5030SLSS 30 Inch gas Cooktop
Product Title
Product Title
1. Frigidaire FGGC3047QS Gallery Series 30 Inch Gas Cooktop
2. Empava LPG/NG Convertible 36 Inch Gas Cooktop
3. GE JGP3530DLWW 30 Inch Gas Cooktop
4. Frigidaire FFGC3626SS 36 Inch Stainless steel Gas Cooktop
5. GE JGP5030SLSS 30 Inch gas Cooktop
Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel
Standard Cast
Stainless Steel
Fuel Type
Fuel Type
Dual Fuel
Power Source
Power Source
Gas Powered
Gas Powered
Gas Powered
Gas Powered
Gas Powered
Heating Elements
Heating Elements

Best Gas Cooktop Reviews

1. Frigidaire FGGC3047QS Gallery Series 30 Inch Gas Cooktop

  • Angled front controls for convenient usability
  • Continuous grates allow for easier handling of heavy pots
  • Dishwasher safe cast iron grates
  • Recessed burners are easy to clean after spillovers
  • Electronic pilotless ignition
  • Burners for simmering to quick boil ranging from 5000 to 18000 BTUs
  • Approved or installation over any of Frigidaire’s single electric wall oven
  • The stainless-steel surface does tend to scratch if scrubbed rigorously

If you’ve been looking around for top rated gas cooktops for a while, there’s no way you haven’t crossed paths with models form Frigidaire. Unanimously leading the kitchen and appliance industry, Frigidaire has had a rich history of producing feature-packed, sleek and functional kitchen essentials with cooktops as one of their constant assets.

Gas cooktops from Frigidaire are robust, versatile and durable, not to mention their benevolent after sales customer support totally makes them one of the best in the business.

This 5 burner gas cooktop in particular stands out among other popular Frigidaire gas cooktops in many ways. Streamlined construction, functional controls and seamless burners are a few of the many desired attributes that make the Frigidaire FGGC3047QS a highly sought-after gas cooktop. The modest price point is what further makes it an attractive option over other available options.

Speaking of the appearance of the cooktop, it is fairly attractive with subtle recessed burners, corner-to-corner matte black cast iron grates resting over a gleaming stainless-steel surface. The continuous 3-piece grates besides adding an elegant appearance to the cooktop enable you to easily move around heavy pots from over a burner to the other without having to lift the entire thing.

Further, the grates are dishwasher safe! However, you’d need a powerful venting hood to counter the powerful heating beneath. Models with built-in downdraft venting hardware are a better option if your kitchen lacks a powerful hood. The 5 burners make for a complete assembly in every aspect for regular domestic cooking needs.

From a low simmer burner to heat delicate foods and sauces to a power burner for faster boil time and everything in between, the cooktop is equipped with appropriately calibrated power to cater all cooking needs. As evident from the size of the burners, the central one is the highest rated at 18000 BTU; meaning it heats the fastest. Similarly, the left front and right front burners tune down to a maximum of 9500 and 12000 BTUs respectively.

And the left and right rear burners heat the mildest at 7500 and 5000 BTUs respectively. For a meticulous chef, all these heating levels serve right for different cooking requirements.

The gas cooktop is also available in black exterior for kitchen schemes that favor black appliances over stainless steel. Both variants are approved for installation over your existing 30 Inch Electric Wall Oven giving you the functionality of a slide-in range oven.

2. Empava LPG/NG Convertible 36 Inch Gas Cooktop

  • Highly economical 5 burner electric ignition gas cooktop
  • LPG/NG convertible (Both nozzles included)
  • Approved for installation over 24/30 Inch Empava Single Ovens
  • Angled front controls for convenient usability
  • Dishwasher-safe continuous cast-iron grates
  • Recessed sealed burners make for easy cleaning
  • Burners ranging from 4000 to 12000 BTUs
  • Auto-shutoff protection technology safeguards against accidental gas leak hazards
  • Surface scratches very easily
  • Might be underpowered for heavy duty commercial usage

Empava has to be among one of the most prevalent kitchen supplies brands across the states. Being one of the very few companies that manufactures unique, classy, minimalistic yet durable kitchen essentials, the brand is a go-to for most thrifty households and naturally makes to a high ranking in gas cooktop reviews.

This 36 Inch Gas cooktop is no different. The cooktop can be installed directly over a wall oven in your island; thereby giving you the functionality of a professional gas range

Having included the functionality of the previous Frigidaire cooktop, this one peaks at around the same levels in terms of usability. However, the burners aren’t rated the same BTUs.

Meaning, the output heating capacity is a bit short of the top pick, but still well enough for moderate home cooking. The power boil central burner is a dual ring burner with a 12000 BTU rating; takes care of all high-heat cooking at the maximum setting.

The right rear burner peaks at 10000 BTU while the right front and left rear ones at 6500 BTUs each. The left front burner is meant for delicate heating and simmering with a rating of 4000 BTU. The continuous grates over the burners add to your convenience in handling heavy pots and pans to move around.

The burners are all recessed and sealed, which means you won’t be dealing with stubborn stains. Besides, the gas cooktop is immune to heat discoloration. The highlight of the cooktop is a unique flame failure auto-shutoff feature that safeguards you and your family from gas leakage accidents. This safety feature is a neat addition in a cooktop that’s priced so modestly.

3. GE JGP3530DLWW 30 Inch Gas Cooktop

  • All knobs pushed away onto the right of the unit; convenient accessibility to the burners.
  • Assured with a perfect fit in any 30 Inch cutout
  • Continuous cast-iron grates are dishwasher safe
  • Sealed burners help contain stains and spillovers effectively
  • Burner system delivers the same maximum BTU power to propane and Natural gas cooktops
  • Comprehensive burner power distribution gives you precise heating for varied cooking requirements
  • Approved for installation over a 30-inch single oven
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty (parts and labor included)
  • Knobs are made of plastic; may sustain damage over time.

GE is a brand name that has long been associated with luxury and high-end kitchen appliances. With countless best-sellers in multiple categories, GE has successfully built a reputation for visually appealing and overall dependable appliances. All GE gas cooktops follow a similar trend and put the company’s core values at full display.

This 30 Inch gas cooktop unlike our other top picks is equipped with 4 burners. Pushing the control knobs all over to the right of the unit, the cooktop has an added edge with regards to efficient usability. Further augmenting the convenient notion, the continuous grates make for easy handling of heavy pots and pans.

Like with any of GE cooktops, this one too comes with an assurance of a perfect fit. Even if the cooktop requires some adjustments to fit in your in your 30 Inch cutout, the brand pays the overhead! The gas cooktop, as desired, has an electric ignition system and well calibrated burner power ratings to cater mild and heavy heating requirements.

Both front burners are powerful heating elements with the left one rated at 15000 BTU and the right one slightly lower at 12000 BTU. Both burners clearly overpower the strongest one from the Empava gas cooktop. The right and left rear burners tune down with a maximum output of 9500 and 5000 BTUs respectively.

The left rear burner can be used for mild heating like thickening sauces and melting chocolates without scorching it. The gas cooktop is also available in a neat all-black exterior that looks nothing short of a stunner. If you’re set on the configurations of this cooktop, you might want to give the black variant a good thought.

4. Frigidaire FFGC3626SS 36 Inch Stainless steel Gas Cooktop

  • Excellent value for the price
  • Continuous cast iron grates are dishwasher safe and aid in handling large utensils
  • Sealed burners allow for easier cleaning of spillovers
  • Burners range from 5000 to 15000 BTU of heating power
  • Electronic ignition
  • Approved for over oven installation
  • Plastic knobs
  • The surface scratches with time

For all our readers that are looking for the best 36 Inch Gas Cooktop, this model from Frigidaire makes a strong contender. With the reliability of Frigidaire and approval of its existing users, this 36 Inch cooktop might just be one of the most affordable heavy-duty cooktops on the market.

Like the previous 30 Inch cooktop, this one too has an angled control panel comprising of 5 knobs for each of the 5 sealed burners. The most powerful one of these is the central element with a heating capability of 15000 BTU. Both the left burners are moderately calibrated at 9500 BTU each.

Lastly, there’s a 5000 BTU low simmer burner in the right rear position whereas the right front burner peaks at 12000 BTU. Being a gas cooktop with 5 powerful burners, the unit sure is impressive for cooking needs; but may produce nuisance when all burners are used at once.

The smoke, steam and odor would require a rather powerful vent hood or an over-range microwave to clear. The combination of burners is clearly thoughtful and can be used for diverse domestic cooking requirements. The black grates over the burners extend end-to-end across the cooktop and aid in moving around heavy pots without any concerns.

You need not necessarily pick up the utensil to move it over to any other burner. Further, the cooktop delivers same maximum output for propane and natural gas. While the gas cooktop is factory set with the natural gas inlet configuration, the package includes a liquid propane conversion kit. Also, there’s a 1-year warranty on the cooktop from the manufacturer.

5. GE JGP5030SLSS 30 Inch gas Cooktop

  • Angled control knobs
  • Stainless steel finish including the knobs
  • Optional griddle accessory that can be set over the left pair of equally powered burners
  • High output central power boil burner
  • Heavy-cast dishwasher safe edge-to-edge grates
  • A bit expensive as compared to others in the range

The 5 burner 30 Inch GE gas cooktop is a neat upgrade from the earlier rather economical pick we suggested from GE. Unlike the previous one, this cooktop features all its control in the front on an angled panel configured in such orientation that they give away which burner they control.

Also, eliminating a considerable con from some popular cooktops, the JGP5030SLSS features durable stainless-steel knobs. The combination of burners is again pretty thoughtful and provide for a comprehensive setup at your disposal. Both the burners on the left are moderately powered at 9500 BTU.

There’s an optional griddle available from GE that fits exactly over the grates above the left burners. Being equally powered, the extended griddle is heated evenly and makes for a nice accessory for making pancakes in big batches.

The central burner is the most powerful of all at is rated at 15000 BTU. It can very well be used for all high heat cooking. Lastly, the right front and rear elements have a peak output power of 12000 and 5000 BTUs each. As evident, the setup has a nice distribution for catering different heating needs.

Additionally, the cooktop features edge-to-edge heavy-cast grates like each one of our picks. This provision allows you to easily handle heavy pots and pans around. Also, the grates are dishwasher safe.

All in all, the gas cooktop is at par with other 30 Inch gas cooktops in this price range. GE has a similar looking upgraded 36 Inch cooktop that surpasses this one in heating output. With a maximum BTU rating of 18000, the larger cooktop is rather suitable for very busy kitchens or high-end restaurants.

Gas Cooktops – A comprehensive Buying Guide

What Is A Gas Cooktop?

A cooktop also referred to as hob, is a device generally used for applying heat to the base of pots and pans. Gas cooktops comprise one or more gas burners with courses of action to adjust the rate of flow. They are often integrated with integral lighters or pilot lights and are fuelled by combustible gas such as propane, butane or any other flammable gas.

Benefits Of A Gas Cooktop

1. Precise Temperature Control

Gas Cooktops have a high command over controlling the temperature as compared to other electric and induction units. They do so by sustaining the precise temperatures required in the meal preparation. The temperature control of induction cooktops is more comparable to the gas units, as they are often digitally controlled which offers precise control of cooking temperature.

On the other hand, the electric units offer an imprecise control as they run all the current through a self-heating element that opens and closes at regular intervals and thereby controls the average current. Thus, this circuit alters temperature control and results in approximation.

2. Costs Less

You can buy a basic gas cooktop in the price range of $100 and the advanced models with at least 4 burners range somewhere between $500-$1000. So, they are slightly cheaper to start with and offer a long term cost efficiency as well, which is the result of cheaper costs of gas compared to other electric-powered models in the market.

3. Works Fine With Existing Cookware

The induction cooktops are compatible with cast iron, enameled cast iron and other distinct types of stainless-cookware. On the other hand, electric models require flat-bottom cookware so that it gets heated evenly. Electric cooking is best achieved with copper, stainless steel and aluminium cookware.

So, here we can clearly conclude that both the categories have their specific cookware requirements that significantly enhance the cost of owning and using the cooktop. Whereas, on the contrary, a gas cooktop works ideally with most types of cookware so there is no need to replace your pots and pans.

What To Consider While Buying a Gas Cooktop

1. Size

While buying a cooktop, size should be your first consideration. The smallest gas units start with the width of 11inches featuring a maximum of two cooking zones or burners, while the largest model goes up to around 47 inches which features at least 4 or more burners.

Among all of them, 30 and 36-inch gas cooktops are considered to be the standard units. While there’s an obvious trend of portable electric cooktops, you’d hardly find a gas cooktop that features a single burner. 

Choose the size according to your requirements and if you are replacing the old cooktop, then measure the space available on your kitchen countertop and match it with the dimensions of the cooktop that you are planning to purchase. As concerned with the installation procedure, it is recommended to hire a professional to fit the cooktop ideally.

2. Type of Burners

Gas cooktops come with distinct types of burners, so make sure to choose the one that fits into your preferences and needs.

1. Large Burners 

They are used for preparing a variety of food items. But, you need to use them carefully as they get heated up fast, therefore, you need to take care of the temperature controls, especially when working with the non-stick cookware.

2. Wok Burners

 They are designed for rapid flow of heat and get heated up even faster than the large burners. Thus, they are only used for quick boiling and stir-fry cooking. Non-stick fry pans, round bottom woks and stock pots are ideal for use on wok burners.

3. Medium Burners

They are used for cooking food items that counter to quick temperature changes such as rice and simmering casseroles.

4. Simmer Burners

They are used for cooking items that require little or moderate heat like melting butter or chocolate.

3. Control Type

Most of the gas cooktops are integrated with control knobs for easy and convenient usage. Make sure to notice the size of the knobs as they should be easy to use even if you are wearing gloves. Also, consider the distinct labels on the unit, as neat labels will aid you in controlling different burners easily. 

Many advanced models also come with the programmable controls to make the handling even more convenient for the user. LCD displays and other complex cooking meal preparations are some of the standard features present in the high-end models. Some of the programmable controls incorporate cook timers, precise pre-heating and automatic pizza.

4. Safety Features

Some of the safety features that can turn out to be a lifesaver include a hot surface indicator light and child safety lock. Apart from these two, one crucial device that you need to install alongside your gas cooktop is a flame failure device which cuts off the gas supply if the flame goes out accidentally. If it comes with your selected gas cooktop, then it’s good. But, if it doesn’t, then have a professional to install it for you.

Further, unlike Induction-based cooktops, any gas cooktop gets hot while it is being used. It is hence important to take appropriate measures while handling the cooktop. If your household has adolescents that might use the cooktop once in a while, getting an additional compact induction cooktop might be apt for you. These dual burner induction cooktops should suffice small to moderate usage. 

5. Budget

You need to find the model that satisfies all your preferences as well as requirements without breaking the bank. It entirely depends on you how much you are compliant to spend on a new gas cooktop. If your inclinations are towards the high-end models accommodating advanced features, then it will definitely cost you more. On the contrary, if you are simply looking for a basic model with two or three burners, then it won’t cost you much.


After going through the comprehensive reviews of the best gas cooktops, you must have made your mind, which one is suitable for your cooking needs. Gas cooktops undoubtedly offer more versatility compared to the electric models. So, if you are planning to replace your old cooktop and expect to save in the long run while keeping your old cookware, then investing in the gas unit would be a great decision. 

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