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How to Create the Perfect Cozy Living Room

My favorite place in the house is my living room. Actually, it's everyone's favorite room in the house. It's where we cuddle up for movie nights, build with Legos and read books.   After a long day of work and after the kids have been tucked into bed I look forward to my evening date with my cozy couch, blanket computer.  

Creating the perfect cozy living room is based on your own personal style and personality, but there are a few things that every living room needs to make it comfortable and cozy.


1. Catch-All Basket-

If you have young children, you definitely need this! A catch-all basket is a sanity saver. At the end of the night, the last thing I want to do is clean up and put everything in where it belongs.  A catch-all basket is a great way to just clear the clutter until you have time to put everything back in its place.



2. Area Rugs-

I love area rugs that make a statement.  Whether you like bold patterns or more muted tones an area rug helps create the feel of a cozy space. 


3. Let the walls do the talking-

One of the newest trends in home decor is wall stickers.  There are so many options from beautiful butterflies to inspirational sayings.  Wall Stickers can create a soothing feel to the room.   


4. Comfy Cushions-

There are always enough comfortable places to sit with cozy floor cushions.  Floor cushions are perfect for game night, impromptu indoor picnics and building forts. 


5. Throw Pillows-

Throw pillows are the easiest way to add some coziness to a room. Throw pillows can set the tone of a room and are easy to update for every season.  Throw pillow covers are washable and make updating the room easy. Just buy a few core pillow inserts and decorate to your heart's desire! 


 The living room is where a lot of your families memories are made. Creating a special place for your family takes time and effort to find just the right pieces to make the room perfect for your family.

Comment below with some of your own decorating tips!


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